Established in 2014, is one of the originators of the charismatic field of BTL Advertising in Pakistan. We specialize in providing 360° OOH & BTL Activation Solutions. Our head office is located in Karachi, branch offices in Islamabad, Lahore & Liaison Offices are operational in all major cities of Pakistan.

BTL Technologies has the highest standards of professionalism and therefore our core competency as OOH Media specialist gives us the ability to find the best cost effective solution. We have the ability to design and implement campaigns according to the given budgets and desired requirements, so you can jump start your Outdoor Activation campaign.
Our dedicated team of designers converts ideas and concepts into reality and bring the best-in class solutions for brand promotions. Our complete range of solutions make sure to give our valued clients a stress-free experience at every OOH & BTL promotions.


We are firm believers in the power of physical media, as it leaves a deeper impact on the mind and a need for sensory processing which can only be satisfied by tangibility. Hence, omitting a solid BTL campaign from your marketing plan can be catastrophic for your brand.


To move forward and remain progressive under all market conditions; adopt strategies that respond constantly to a fluid region; expand our core expertise and services and get certified by key industry regulators.


We will set the benchmark in quality client service while complying with all industry and government regulations. We will become the number one BTL Company in Pakistan in field force management and loyalty solutions not in size, but in expertise and client satisfaction. We will adopt 21st century strategies that work in changing and complex market conditions.


Why Choose Us?


We work as a team to help brands connect with people through our dynamic business units. We take pride in sharing & inspiring ideas that enable each other and our company to achieve success.


We deliver creative ideas founded on compelling insights. We don’t believe in obstacles, just solutions that have yet to be found.


We believe in our amazing media and its power to deliver the ultimate experience. We are not afraid to challenge ourselves, each other, or our clients in our search for the right solutions.


We are passionate about what we do and will always exceed expectations. We want to excel as individuals, as a company and a medium.


Our Clients